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All your worries gone in one night

Discover the myth behind the traditional worry dolls:

The myth

There wanders a legend on the high mountain villages of Guatemala.
When you have worries, you can tell them to small worry dolls.
Before you go to bed you tell each doll a different concern.
After this you put all your worry dolls under your pillow.
While you sleep, they take all your worries away.


Fast to

With the import of Mexican handicrafts all family companies support each other.

Two times a year we travel from the Netherlands to Mexico and the ‘artesanos’ keep inspiring us with ideas beyond imagination.

We buy directly from the source which ensures the locals with a fair budget to develop themselves. They invest in their village and we invest in our customers.

Within 7 working days

Belgium and Germany:
Within 14 working days

Most of the products of La Mexicana you can find cash and carry at Tica in Aalsmeer
Our stand is located on the first floor near the restaurant
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